Detailed Skin Analysis

Consultation includes a detailed complexion analysis by our latest VISIATM , with a take home report. PSCC is proud to have the first sixth-generation VISIATM system in Australia.

A multi-spectral imaging VISIATM,  was initially developed by Procter &Gamble as a skin care research tool, produced by Canfield Imaging Systems, USA.

Features of VISIATM analysis:

  • Measurement of depth of pores
  • Individual analysis of the skin texture
  • Measurement of wrinkles
  • Analysis of pigment disturbances
  • Analysis of redness and vascular conditions
  • Recognition of porphyrin (evidence of bacteria in pores)
  • Able to individualise anti-ageing treatment planning based on your unique complexion profile
  • Monitoring progress of treatments and your medical grade skin care

Click here to view the Website details of the VISIA Complexion Analysis

1. RBX Technology Red/Brown Subsurface analysis
2. Visia shows surface and subsurface skin conditions
3. Personalised skin analysis report for take-home